Paper Range

Gloss coated paper

Gloss coatings are also advantageous for printed notepads. Gloss coated paper can offer a glossy, smooth surface that improves the contrast and brightness of printed text, pictures, and colours. Moreover, the gloss layer stops ink from absorbing into the paper, making colours look more vivid and clear. It is possible to apply a machine seal or lamination to increase the paper’s glossiness even further. As a result, it’s a fantastic option for printed notepads that need to stand out and be memorable.

Gloss coated paper is a wonderful option for folded printed notepads since it offers great protection against cracking as well. It is crucial to keep in mind, though, that the paper’s reflecting nature can sometimes result in glare, which can make it challenging to read lengthy passages of text.

Paper Range

Silk Coated Paper

Silk-coated paper has additional advantages for printed notepads. Your notepads feel nice and have a polished appearance thanks to the silk coating. Because of the glossy finish, writing on the paper is simple and ink doesn’t smear or smear. The rich and clear colours and pictures on the notepads will give your brand a premium look.

Large blocks of text are easier to read on silk coated paper because of its low surface shine, which prevents the glare common to glossy paper. In comparison to gloss paper, it is also less prone to fingerprint stains and scratches. The paper’s velvety texture provides a tactile aspect and makes it a popular choice for high-end products including luxury goods, fashion, and cosmetics.

Silk paper’s strength makes it the perfect choice for notepads because they are frequently used every day and must endure frequent handling. The coating ensures a long-lasting, high-quality finish by preventing ink from smearing or bleeding through the pages.

Matte Coated Paper

For individuals who want their printed notepads to have a more subtle and polished appearance, matte coated paper is a popular option. Both sides of the paper are matte-coated, giving the sheet’s smooth, sturdy surface a dull appearance. The anti-glare qualities of this coating make it simple to read huge sections of text.

The colours on matte coated paper will be less bright than on gloss or silk coated paper, despite the fact that it holds ink effectively. The subdued look of this paper, however, makes it perfect for use with foiling or gloss spot UV varnish. The pop of contrasting finishes may be emphasised thanks to the matte coating.

Uncoated Paper

Uncoated paper’s eco-friendly qualities make it a good choice for printed notepads. Due to the increased emphasis on sustainability, this sort of paper is becoming more and more popular. It may frequently be manufactured from only recycled materials. Uncoated paper is a sustainable option for businesses since it is 100% recyclable after use. Uncoated paper, as the name indicates, has no protective coating added, giving it a more raw and rustic appearance and feel. Due to its great absorption capacity, it is the perfect material for litho printing when a washed-out or faded impression is sought. It is crucial to remember that the paper’s absence of a coating makes it more prone to ripping and splitting, which makes it less ideal for folded goods.

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