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Take a look at our design tips to ensure your custom printed notepads are engaging, eye-catching and print-ready.

Before reading through our design tips, pick and download your ideal template and take a look at our Artwork Guide for the more technical side of graphic design.



Arguably the most important part of your design! However your notepads will be used, be it internal office stationary or outsourced for externals uses, your products need to convey your branding. Ensure you include your logo boldly on the front cover design, and consider having your logo and contact details on the top corner of every page. This will really reinforce your branding, and giving you fantastic organic brand awareness.



Make a statement with your choice of colour! Try to coordinate any text or imagery with your company logo colour scheme to really reinforce your branding. You want your brand to be instantly recognisable to a casual observer – so make that colour pop! Try not to overcrowd with different colours, but stick to your branding scheme to create a professional, attractive notepad cover.

Notepad design tips
Notepad design tips


You want your company branding, logo and message to really stand out, so be judicious with your use of blank space. The less crowded your cover, the more attention will be drawn to your branding. Similarly, don’t overcrowd the pages; include your logo and company contact details, or perhaps a motivational message or quote; that’s more than enough!


Pages and covers

Consider carefully your different designs for the front cover and the individual pages. With variable data printing, we could even print different designs on each page – perfect if you want to give your staff a different motivational quote every day! Make sure all your designs, no matter how different, are all tied together under the umbrella of your branding, to reinforce your brand awareness and message.

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