Gain More Customers With Printed Notepads

The universal usage of smartphones, laptops, and other linked devices in our daily lives makes it obvious that the digital revolution is here to stay. But that doesn’t mean the old ways have vanished completely. Pen and paper is still a very popular form of media despite the prevalence of gadgets and gizmos because of the weight of a decent branded notepad in your hand, the aroma of its pages in your nostrils, and the calming effect of writing by hand.

With that in mind, leveraging the enormous potential offered by promotional notebook printing can help you to reach a new customer base, increase awareness around your brand and help convert more prospects into leads and more leads into sales. Distributing notebooks imprinted with your brand’s name, logo, or slogan can also help you keep that new habit alive by rewarding customers for their devotion and enticing them to use your products repeatedly.


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Gaining Customers with Branded Notepads

Still not persuaded? Here are five ways that using promotional notebooks can help you increase brand visibility, attract more customers, and ensure that you retain them for the foreseeable future if you’re thinking about using a promotional giveaway campaign as part of your marketing drive.

1)  Practicality

The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) has conducted a poll to determine the most important characteristics of the ideal promotional item. In fact, this concept received nearly four times as many favourable responses as any other, indicating that people find tangible benefits to their lives to be significantly more appealing than other attention-grabbing but less useful alternatives. Giving current and new clients the means to take notes by hand will stand out in their minds since, despite advances in technology, this way of note-taking is still quite popular (just look at how much the stationery sector is expanding).

2)  Mobility

Notepads are mobile forms of advertising that will outperform their point of distribution since they are not tied to a single fixed location and may be carried around by their user wherever they go. Notebooks will provide your brand additional visibility every time they are pulled out of a bag or placed on a desk, whether that be in an office, coffee shop, or other public locations of interest. They won’t simply draw attention at a trade show or corporate event. This kind of marketing is essential for creating a brand that, the more it is seen, the more recognisable it gets.

3)  Longevity

Branded notebooks have a very lengthy shelf life compared to certain other promotional items. They will serve as tiny moving billboards for your business each time they are used by their owner, and once the pages are full, they might conceivably become reference books and decorate the walls or desk of an office for all time. As a result, notebooks have unmatched durability and may have no expiration date at all. Considering the short lifespans of certain other frequent giveaway products, the notebook’s longevity is immensely alluring.

4)  Sustainability

Green credentials are in high demand in a world community that is ever more concerned about the effects that humanity is having on the environment. Since the traditional method requires significantly less energy and resources than its technological competitors, this is one reason why paper and pen have had something of a rebirth in recent years. You can demonstrate your company’s capacity to give consumers a gift they will use while also allowing them to lessen their carbon footprint by branding notebooks and giving them away for free. This can only look good on your clothing.

5)  Versatility

Personalised notepads offer a variety of alternatives for corporate branding, but many promotional goods are simply too small to permit effective advertising. You may think about a variety of other ways to integrate subtle but powerful types of advertising in addition to customising the front cover with a stylish design that matches the principles of your brand. While full page inserts can provide considerably more thorough information about your firm without affecting the product’s usefulness, belly bands around the product give it a more immediate appeal, you also have a range of possible notepad sizes! The combination could be finished off with a complementary pen, which would truly drive home your brand’s message.

Given these arguments, it is evident that utilising promotional notebooks to increase sales is a cost-effective and hassle-free method of advertising that will also benefit your business for many months or even years to come. The process is made as simple as possible by allowing you to fully customise the appearance of your notebook and place an online order. Take the next step in expanding your clientele by browsing our online selection to locate the size and price range that are ideal for your company.

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