Magnetic Back Notepads

Here at Printed Notepads UK, we are all about… you might have guessed it – printed notepads! But we aren’t just here for standard work / business / school / company notepads. We offer a range of customisable extras for you to create your perfect printed product. One of the most popular variants of the printed notepad is the magnetic-backed notepad: a notepad with a magnetic strip that will stick to your fridge!

Magnetic back notepads as shopping lists

The most common use for a magnetic back notepad is the humble shopping list pad. Create a design with boxes for your ingredients, and tick slots that you can cross off when you’ve purchased it.

However, that’s not where the design stops! Instead of generic shop-bought shopping lists, you can create something customised and eye-catching. Personalise the shopping lists based on names, family households, images, QR codes – whatever you like!

Why not consider creating a company branded shopping list pad and give them away as freebies? Nothing will keep your brand in your customer’s mind like them seeing it every day up on their fridge. If you want to stay prevalent – invest in something that will be constantly engaged with!

Use magnetic back notepads for to do lists

Similarly, providing custom to do lists with magnetic backs is a great way to reinforce your branding. But you can also get really creative with your to-do lists! Instead of leaving blank spaces, why not create a fun interactive list – like top 10 yoga positions to try, books to read, cakes to bake or scenic walks to take.

With our die-cutting technology we can also create custom shaped notepads – so no need to stick to the conventional rectangle!

Create a fridge calendar

Why stop with lists? You can also create handy calendars or diary pages to display on your fridge. Perfect for day-specific notes, appointment reminders and chores lists!

Get creative with your design and choose from our various finishing options to really jazz up your calendar cover. Go for foiling or Spot UV for a touch of elegance, or pick a glossy or soft-touch lamination to add durability to something that will often be handled.

Need help with your design? No problem! We offer in house design packages to suit your every need.

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