Why bother with printed notepads?

Printed notepads for business use

Custom printed notepads can be created in any way that you like! Simply opt for a custom cover, or choose individually printed custom pages, and everything in between.

As such, printed notepads can be used for a variety of purposes. Give branded notepads to your staff to consolidate in-house branding and provide a sense of unity and workplace pride. With variable data printing, you could even print different motivational quotes on each page – giving your staff a little daily boost.

You can also use printed notepads as freebies or giveaways to customers or potential clients. Notepads are always useful to have around the house: if a potential customer sees your contact details, branding and company message every time they write down a note, you’re more likely to be their point of call for the service provided. Similarly, you can print your social media handles, a QR code to your website and have your phone number displayed prominently on each page- so if the need arises, you’re right there!

Printed notepads for commercial use

Create your own printed notepads for sale! Custom printed notepads make for wonderful tourist sign-in books, guest books and check-in logs. You can also create custom printed notepads for invoicing, with perforated tear-away pages, complete with your contact details. This means that when the next job comes up, your customers will have easy access to your details!

Printed notepads can be created with lined, plain or isometric paper, making them ideal for engineering firms, schools, colleges and universities.

If you’re interested in printed notepads for your business or commercial purposes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly staff today. At Printed Notepads we are experts in printing exactly what you want – we can even create bespoke shaped notepads! Just get in touch to find out more.

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