Printed Notepad Options

Size and shape

First things first – you need to decide on the size and shape of your custom printed notepads. We offer a variety of standard sizes including DL and a range of conventional sizes in A7 – A2 dimensions. As well as the standard rectangle, we offer square notepads for something a little bit different.

However, at Printed Notepads UK we know that the standard printed notepad options are everywhere. That’s why we offer something a little bit different. With our die-cutting technology, we can create custom bespoke shapes, completely unique to you! Why not create a notepad in the shape of your company logo or best selling product? Simply get in touch with our friendly team today to find out more.

Binding methods

When it comes to binding your notepad together, the method you choose can have a real impact on the overall aesthetic of your design. As such, we’ve provided a variety of binding options, to ensure you can create the perfect stationery!

Glued notepads

These are a cost-effective option, so the best if you’re on a tight budget. You can also tear out the pages for ease of removal, which is handy for notes or to do lists. The downside is that they are less sturdy than other bound notepads.

Wirobound notepads

The wirobound notepads provide a pleasing design look. The wire inserts into the top of your pad through punched holes. Choose from a variety of colours for your binding, including black, white, red and blue – match your wirobinding to your logo and company colours! This type of binding also has the added bonus that you can flip your pages back on themselves at nearly a 360 degree angle.

Perfect binding

This creates an almost booklike finish, as the notepads incorporated a spine. Highly professional, polished and presentable!

We also offer perforated notebooks with an easy tear-away line: ideal for invoices or receipts.

Cover options

We offer a wide range of cover options, including gluebound board covers (provided as standard with gluebound pads) and wraparound covers (170gsm silk paper as standard).  We can also create notepads with front and back covers, hard covers and canadian bound covers (which hide your wirobound binding).

Choose from a wide range of cover materials, including recycled (uncoated, matt or gloss), kraft and coloured paper (to save on printing costs).

Paper options

But it’s not just the covers that have a variety of printed notepad options! We also offer a range of paper for the sheets inside your notebook. We offer 50 sheets per notepad as standard, but you can choose your own page count! We then offer a wide range of paper materials, including coloured paper, kraft, gloss, recycled and more! And that’s not all! Not only can you customise the page count and type of paper, you can also customise the gsm (paper thickness), so you can ensure you get the picture perfect notepad you want. (Check out our full range of paper options. )

We believe in offering totally customised printed products – so if there’s something you need, just get in touch today. We’d be delighted to help.

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